10:00 am - 6:00 pm

1-Day Basic Photography Workshop – by Marco Mega

1-Day Basic Photography Workshop in Utrecht is for everybody looking for an introduction to the fascinating world of photography. It is designed for photographers of all levels, from beginners to those with some understanding of digital photography. You will learn basic photography concepts, such as exposure calculation, ISO, white balance, depth of field, composition, basic post-production and you will have the opportunity to practice your newly acquired skills during the morning class and the practical photo session outdoors in the afternoon. There will be options to shoot portraits, street scenes and objects.

10.00-11:45: first part theory class with practical,
11.45-12.00: coffee break (Coffee, tea and cookies are complimentary),
12.00-13.30: second part theory class with practical,
13.30-14.15: lunch break,
14.15-16.15: outdoor shooting,
16.15-18.00: viewing of the images taken during the shooting with individual feedback.

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7:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Film night: Oh, My God, Documentary + Movement workshop

Yingyi Wu | Flip Bullee

“We are not fluent in each other’s native language, but…”

The film is a montage of interaction and artistic cooperation between two contrast identities at different spaces in Utrecht.

It reflects our capacities of communication beyond language barriers and provoke a more inclusive society.

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/338694417

Movement, sound and facial expression are all our communication methods.
We invite you to our second screening event at WERF5.
After 30 minutes screening, you can join the fun movement workshop with Yingyi for half a hour.

Screening: Max 50 people.
Movement workshop: Max 11 people.

Donation €5 – € 10, authentic Chinese tea will be offered.

This project is honoured to be supported by Gemeente Utrecht, HKU and Flip’s parents.

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1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Potluck, movie & droomdekens naaien voor kinderen in Lesbos

Elk kind verdient een plek om te dromen…
Zaterdag 2 november komen we om 12.00uur samen in de Werf om een film te vertonen over het project keep dreaming. Neem wat lekkers te eten mee en deel het met de groep tijdens de film vertoon. Inloop 12.00 uur. Film start 12.30 uur.

Na deze introductie zullen we vervolgens samen droomdekens naaien voor Vluchtelingenkinderen op Lesbos onder het genot van warme thee en koffie.

Of kom je langs voor de gezelligheid en om te zorgen voor een hapje en een drankje voor de creatievelingen? Je bent van harte welkom!

Help mee door het maken van een droomdeken, om kinderen op de vlucht te laten voelen dat we weten dat ze er zijn, dat we ze zien. Samen creëren we een eigen plekje om veilig weg te dromen naar een wereld waar alles mogelijk is.
Kijk voor meer informatie over het project op de link hieronder: https://www.facebook.com/projectkeepdreaming/

Droomdekens zijn vrolijke dekens die we maken van verschillende stukjes stof. Bedenk een leuk patroon, knip de stukjes op maat en naai ze op een deken. Dit alles wordt begeleid door Tineke dus voorkennis van naaien is niet vereist.
Er zullen naaimachines aanwezig zijn, maar als je toevallig nog een naaimachine hebt staan is deze altijd welkom.


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8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Circling – Bringing mindfulness to your connections

With Circling you get to experience your connection with the people around you consciously. So instead of just knowing your relation to someone through your history, common hobbies or similar commitments you will explore the potential you carry in your connection. Through Circling you will be invited to bring your curiosity and empathy to gain a better understanding of how another experiences their world while breaking through the assumptions and projections we have about each other.

Different than meditating by yourself, Circling is a relational practice where you get to know yourself and others on a deeper level. My hope is that you bring these practices home with you so you get to experience your intimate connections really as they are and drop any images or illusions you might have about someone.

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7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Belly2Belly Practice Group

Belly2Belly is a simple practice in which you are in an embrace with another human being, breathing in rhythm with sound on the exhale. What results is a profoundly felt sense of peace and connection, a natural biochemical high that mirrors intimate love, a deep meditative state and a feeling of oneness.

In groups, we focus on generating intimacy, emotional openness, and physical bonding in a safe, slow, guided non-sexual way. We reawaken our primal need for human connection, animal to animal, body to body, heart to heart. By trusting our bodies and each other, we reclaim our original innocence… and remember we are safe.

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