In this modeldrawingclass all participants will in turns feature as a model. We will use short poses (generally 3-10 minutes). Participants are required to bring their own drawing materials. The evening will be organised on donation basis (with a suggested donation of 2-5 euro’s as a contribution to the maintainance of Werf5).

You don’t need drawing experience. The aim is to freely practice our drawing skills. There will be no teacher, the aim is that we teach ourselves through practice. However, it is encouraged that we help each other, or example if you want feedback or tips from more experienced drawers in the class.

You are not required to pose nude during this class. In principle the models will keep on the clothes they wear during the class. However, if you feel comfortable posing nude you are welcomed to do so (as this would  be a great excercise for the others).

Particpints are required to bring their own drawing materials such as paper, clipboard, sketchbook or ezel, pencils, watercolours, charcoal etc. You are free to use the materials you feel comfortable with (or with which you would love to experiment).