WHAT IS Belly2Belly?
Belly2Belly is a simple practice in which you are in an embrace with another human being, breathing in rhythm with sound on the exhale. What results is a profoundly felt sense of peace and connection, a natural biochemical high that mirrors intimate love, a deep meditative state and a feeling of oneness.

In groups, we focus on generating intimacy, emotional openness, and physical bonding in a safe, slow, guided non-sexual way. We reawaken our primal need for human connection, animal to animal, body to body, heart to heart. By trusting our bodies and each other, we reclaim our original innocence… and remember we are safe.

The Belly2Belly practices were developed by David Cates in his healing work with trauma. Right now I am learning these practices because I love the deep compassion that I feel and the expansion that happens when we include more and more of our humanness. This is also part of what creates the safety for me. Through Belly2Belly I enter into a space where all of me is welcome, even the parts I feel most ashamed about. Now I want to create this space for you.

What I hope you gain from this:
Deep relaxation
Strong connection to your body
Awareness of your boundaries / Awareness of your YES
Feeling safe while in close connection with someone else
Reflection on old behavioral patterns around touch and intimacy
 bigger capacity to hold strong feelings and needs without having to act
More clarity on how the need for Connection, Intimacy and Touch live in you

My name is Nick de Kok and I am a corporate IT expert by day and a group facilitator by night. I specialize in Circling, Embodied Intimacy and Nonviolent Communication and I am currently in the certification process to become a fully fledged Belly2Belly Facilitator. I am very passionate about creating spaces where people dare to speak from their hearts and for this I founded Honest Requests and The Cuddly Couch Community in Utrecht where I bring clear communication and embodiment together.

What to bring? Blankets, Pillows, Socks, anything that makes you feel cozy and comfortable. You can also bring drinks and snacks that you enjoy sharing.
Contribution: €5,- or €10,- donation for the space and some help with tidying the space after
Language: English/Dutch