Use our space for your own activity

Host your own meetup, workshop, training, brainstorm, yoga session etc. 

Our multifunctional Room

Our multifunctional event-room is located at the back of the Werf.
During work-hours the room is (temporarily) used as an extra room for coworking in order to create more space around each coworker. After work-hours and in the weekends it's possible to rent the room for your own activity. In the past we've hosted Yoga sessions, Meditations, corporate meetings, documentary-nights, workshops, meetups, clothes swap events and even a wedding ;-) 
Check out the prices

Centrally located

WERF5 is super centrally located, both in the country as within Utrecht. It's the best location if your visitors come from all around the country. 


The room

Everything you need to host your own activity
see the prices options

Fast internet

250 Mbps download & 40 Mbps upload 

Centrally located

10min walk from Utrecht Centraal Station. 
5 minute walk to all the stores.


we have a laser printer for black & white prints.

communal kitchen

At your disposal: fridge, tosti-press, small oven, water-cooker, pans & hot plate. 

Adaptive lighting

Our event space has different options for lighting. Creating the perfect atmosphere. 


HD-Projection for presentations, movies or your holiday photo's viewing.

Space rental prices


Monday to Friday between 19:00 - 23:00
all prices are excluding 21% VAT
1-2 hours: €65,-
every extra hour: €25 
Send us an email


Saturday & Sunday between 9:00 and 23:00
all prices are excluding 21% VAT
1-2 hours: €80,- 
every extra hour: €35,- 
Send us an email
Extra options: 

 1 jar coffee or tea: €7,50 (+/- 5 cups)
Other catering options possible at request.

use of the projector: €25,-
Flipover / paper & markers: €5,-
Printer (black & white) €0,10 per print 
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