Coworking is the main activity at WERF5. Anyone can practice coworking. Freelancers, scientists, students, remote workers, and basically everyone who doesn’t physically have to go to a company office from 9 to 5. By sharing the same space, and even the same table we avoid the distractions that working at home or working at a busy cafe can give us.

Most of the day is spent concentrating in silence on our own projects. The coworking area is generally quiet, and distracting people from their work is frowned upon 😉 The moments in between work, mostly at lunch time are spent talking to each other in the kitchen area.

But the most heard reason for people to join our coworking space is to avoid isolation and to meet other people. It’s just more fun to work at a place with other people you can ask advice from, lunch together with, or grabbing some drinks after work time.

Because we choose to hang out with this group of people our coworking buddies can become friends. Especially for digital nomads who do not know anyone in Utrecht yet, this can be a stepping stone to a vibrant social life in Utrecht.

That’s why we think the description: “A living room to be productive in.” is fitting to us.

The WERF5 community in part of the global coworking movement and we agree with the following coworking manifesto.

The coworking manifesto


We believe that society is facing unprecedented economic, environmental, social and cultural challenges. We also believe that new innovations are the key to turning these challenges into opportunities to improve our communities and our planet.


Coworking is redefining the way we do work. Inspired by the participatory culture of the open source movement and the empowering nature of IT, we are building a more sustainable future. We are a group of connected individuals and small businesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity in our communities and worldwide. We envision a new economic engine composed of collaboration and community, in contrast to the silos and secrecy of the 19th/20th century economy.


We have the talent. We just need to work together. Different environments need to overlap, to connect and to interact in order to transform our culture. In order to create a sustainable community based on trust, we value:

  • collaboration over competition
  • community over agendas
  • participation over observation
  • doing over saying
  • friendship over formality
  • boldness over assurance
  • learning over expertise
  • people over personalities
  • “value ecosystem” over “value chain”

This new economy cannot thrive without engaging the larger business, creative, entrepreneurial, governmental, non governmental and technical communities together.


We believe that innovation breeds innovation. We will transform the world culture into one supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit, of risk taking, of pioneering into the unknown territories as the great leaders of our times. This requires education, entrepreneurship and a large network of creative workspaces.

We are reshaping the economy and the society through social entrepreneurship and  innovation. Our communities are coming together to rebuild more human scale, networked, and sustainable economies to build a better world.

We are the world coworking movement