As freelancers we choose where we work,  when we work and with whom we work. We've created WERF5 to be exactly this place for us.  When we started WERF5, our goal was to create a space where being productive goes hand in hand with enjoying life and having meaningful interactions with others.  

A small group of “regulars” come in often. Know each other, and form the foundation of the WERF5 community. They have a key to the place and can use the space 24/7.

 “Friends of WERF5″ come in from time to time for a day of focussed work or only to visit the events that are organised in the evening and in the weekends. Often people with a day-job who just like to hang out with us.

During work-hours between 8:00 – 19:00 on weekdays WERF5 is a professional office space. Coworking is the main focus. Members receive their clients or have (virtual) meetings with their colleagues. 

After work-hours and in the weekends WERF5 is often used as a place for workshops / brainstorm sessions / meetups / guided meditation / book-clubs / game-nights / live music etc.



As freelancers when we face issues or have questions, we can use the advice of other people who have dealt with the same problem(s). We believe that it’s important to help each other and work together. At WERF5 you’ll find people who want to share their skills and knowledge. We help each other and work together to grow. 

We're a member of the global coworking movement and we've signed the official coworking manifesto.


We work in order to have a better life. Having fun together and being inspired by each other is always more important than work. We like to create a good work/relax balance by having lunch together or hanging out after work to watch a movie or play a game. 

WERF5 members are encouraged to organise events and get-togethers.  


How do you lead a good life? How can we be happier? 

These core questions are something we like to discuss, but also advise each other on. By organising book-clubs, discussion nights, philosophy reading etc, we like to learn from others and reflect upon the good and the bad parts of life. 


Of course we need to make a living, and of course we need to tend to our own needs, but when those are fulfilled, what do we contribute to people around us? How can we help other people succeed? We, the WERF5 community believe it’s important to play an active and positive role in this world. This can be social like coaching new freelancers to help their business grow, or give a price-reduction for people who don’t have a lot of money, or organising a fund-raiser for people in need. 

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