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Traditional work is centred around fixed work hours, fixed colleagues and a strict separation between free-time and work.  

The border between work and private life is often more vague for freelancers. We choose when we work, we choose our clients and we choose where we work. This freedom and the sense of ownership is great! But at times it can feel a bit lonely. We can choose to take a Monday off, but all our friends will be at their office. Working from home has its downsides too. Procrastination, a feeling of isolation and not being able to receive clients are issues we face when we work from home. Working at a cafe can solve some of these issues, but we noticed that we miss the continuity of a fixed group of likeminded people around us to discuss a work-issue with or drink something together after work.

Based on the research of Ray Oldenburg who coined the term  “Third Place”  a coworking space was our answer to all these issues and we were lucky to find a great place right in the center of Utrecht. WERF5 became our clubhouse. A clubhouse for freelancers from all over the world, and we like to welcome new people to our community.

The goal of WERF5 is to be a place where focussed work, being inspired, learning from each other having fun and meeting (new) people goes hand in hand.

During work-hours between 9:00 – 18:00 on weekdays it’s a coworking place for freelancers, students, and everyone who would otherwise work at home or at a café.

After work-hours and in the weekends WERF5 is often used as a place for workshops / brainstorm sessions / meetups / guided meditation / book-clubs / game-nights / live music etc. 

  • A small group of “regulars” come in often. Know each other and form the foundation of the WERF5 community. They have a key to the place and can use the space 24/7.
  • The “Friends of WERF5″ come in from time to time for a day of focussed work or only to visit the events that are organised in the evening and in the weekends. Often people with a day-job who just like to hang out with us.

Our values

Collaboration & Co-creation

As freelancers we face issues where we can use the advice of other people who have dealt with the same problem(s). We believe that it’s important to help each other and work together. At WERF5 you’ll find people who want to share their skills and knowledge. We help each other and work together to grow. WERF5 is a member of the global coworking movement. We have signed (and agree with) the official coworking manifesto.


We work in order to have a better life. Having fun together and being inspired by each other is always more important than work. We like to create a good work/relax balance by having lunch together or hanging out after work to watch a movie or play a game. The members of WERF5 often organise public events. Everyone is welcome to join regardless of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation. Diversity keeps us sharp 🙂 

Personal growth

What is important in life? How do you lead a good life? How can we be happier? These core questions are something we like to discuss, but also advise each other on. By organising book-clubs, discussion nights, philosophy reading etc, we like to learn from others and reflect upon the good and the bad parts of life. Being vulnerable requires a safe atmosphere and we hope WERF5 can be just that.

Societal relevance

Of course we need to make a living, and of course we need to tend to our own needs, but when those are fulfilled, what do we contribute to society? How can we help other people succeed? We, the WERF5 community believe it’s important to play an active and positive role in this world. This can be social like coaching new freelancers to help their business grow, or give a price-reduction for people who don’t have a lot of money, or organising a fund-raiser for people in need. And this can be practical like consuming less, recycling our waste and eating less meat.

People of WERF5

Let’s introduce a random selection of the WERF5 members so you get a small idea of what people you will encounter when you visit us.

tim blok

Tim Blok

Freelance Web-developer, loves computer games, and master gulash creator


Femke Slotman

Organiser of the bi-weekly movie-nights – Movie connaisseur and fan of the bizarre


Arne Willée

Our very own WERF5 philosopher – great moustache and great lover of cigars

merijn de haen

Merijn de Haen

Life coach, meditation guru, great conversationalist and can play an amazing tune on his Rav Vast.

Join his guided mindfulness & metta meditations on Tuesday nights and Thursday mornings!

jolien wallis

Jolien Wallis de Vries

Artist, documentary maker and all around happy person (and the people around her). Inspired by connections between humans.

Jolien co-organises the bi-weekly potluck and movie night on Wednesdays.

bas blok

Bas Blok

Community builder, loves hitting things with his drumsticks, marketeer/webdeveloper.

Bas manages WERF5, so if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask him!


Aleksander Schakel

Alex is one of WERF5’s titans! In his free time he likes to go to busy places and look at people. At work (which can be from 8:00AM to 3:00AM sometimes) he’s a web developer, designer, 360 tour creator. Truly a jack of all trades.

nick de kok

Nick De Kok

Nick is a corporate IT expert by day and a group facilitator by night. Nick specializes in Circling, Embodied Intimacy and Nonviolent Communication, and he is very passionate about creating spaces where people dare to speak from their hearts.


Hilko Blok

With a background in Social Psychology and Communications and his amazing reading habit, Hilko can hold a conversation on any field with any person. He is part of the “philosophising outside instead of working” club with Merijn, Arne and Bas.

He is also a wizard with code and can fix any programming issue.


Nina Regli

 Web Designer and Developer. Unnerdy nerd, loves to create websites for good causes and a good piece of chocolate. Oh and in her free time she likes to go out on the ocean with her boat… Talking about unnerdy!


Chris van den Hogen

Where most of the people at WERF5 would not know how to spot a hammer, Chris is by far the most handy person around. But what’s more fascinating is that he’s the most patient person in the world when it comes to explaining computers to old people. Which puts him on a par with Jesus and Buddha and superman combined.


Jana Vis

Jana’s drawings are amazing, just like her hand lettering skills. Sometimes she zones out to solve an impossible puzzle. If you like to lose at board games, try a game with her!


Zita Halewijn

As part of the werfcommunity from way back, Zita has laid the foundation for what we know as WERF5 now. Zita has organised a myriad of activities. The weekly movie nights “De notendop”, the Easter brunch, “The Clothes swap event” “kersterklaas”. If there was a good party Zita was probably part of the organisation. She started her own catering business called “De kokjes” and is parttime bloody mary maker at a bar.
A busy bee!

Zita is co-organizer of the repair-cafe

celine square


Celine joined WERF5 as a French translator. She still translates but a new skill has surfaces. Yoga teaching! Graciously she has been giving yoga sessions for the WERF5 community. A welcome change of pace between all the hard work.
Als part of the WERF5 community she also enjoys the “incubator” function the werf has and is the mastermind behind the infamous ‘flow chart’.

Celine is owner of Kawasana Yoga



Super Fast WiFi

250 Mbps Download & 40 Mbps Uploads


Cable Internet Connection
For even faster internet


Kayak Karl
Go out for a kayak trip through the canal, try to beat our top score!


Laser printer
Paper and Stationery

coffee icon

Fresh Coffee
Made with fresh ground coffeebeans for the best taste.


Fridge, oven, tosti press, water cooker, pans & hot plate. Everything you need to make a meal.


Conference room
Projectors, speakers, whiteboard & flipover


Postal Address & KVK location
For long-term members


WERF5 Coworking Space & Event location
Oudegracht aan de werf 5

3511AL, Utrecht

Phone: +31646397231 (Bas Blok)

Mon 10am - 6pm
Tue 10am - 6pm
Wed 10am - 6pm
Thu 10am - 6pm
Fri 10am - 6pm
Sat See agenda for events
Sun See agenda for events

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