What does a typical day of coworking in Utrecht look like?

Of course this completely depends on the time of the year. So lets pick our favourite time... Summertime!

9:30 - After a long breakfast and a cup of coffee in the sun you decide it's time to head to the office.
10:00 - Arrival at WERF5. Securely locking your bike you take the stairs down to the canal and see that the door is already open. I wonder who's in.
When you open the door two others are making coffee and discussing their day. You say hi and join in to the conversation for a bit.
10:30 - coffee is done and you take a cup to move to the coworking area to choose a nice spot to work.
11:30 - After an hour of focussed work it's time to check out if the sun is still as nice at it was before. Heading out you see that the two are still deep into their converstation. They chose to not work and talk about politics or code. That's going to be three quarters of their day.
12:00 - another hour of work. A client calls you so you walk outside again to take the call. No calling in the coworking area 😉
13:00 - Lunchtime! Someone asks if anyone needs something from the supermarket, someone calls: "cheese!" someone else says: "Do we still have eggs?" And someone else says: "I'll join you." Lunchtime is outside of course, next to the canal.
14:00 - The final hours of the day are spent in concentration. You want to make the deadline before heading home.
16:00 - Time to go home, but only after joining the two (who are still into their discussion) for another hour before you decide that it now really IS time to leave.
17:00 - Is it really time to leave? No, just one quick kayak trip around the canals of Utrecht. It's still sunny out.
18:00 - home - time for a nice meal. Tomorrow? back to werf5 of course 🙂

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