Until April 24, 2022

Tuesday Mindfulness & Metta Meditation

Every Tuesday night, Inward Meditation Utrecht hosts an open meditation group. We practice mindfulness meditation and metta. The evening starts at eight and finishes around nine thirty. After the meditation, you can stay and enjoy a cup of tea, and a talk on various facets of mindfulness practice.

Iedere dinsdagavond organiseert Inward Meditatie bij WERF5 een meditatiegroep op donatie basis waarbij mindfulness en metta meditatie op het programma staat. Iedereen is welkom om mee te doen. We beginnen om acht uur en zijn om half tien weer klaar. Achteraf kun je blijven voor een korte lezing over de rol van mindfulness in het dagelijks leven, en eventueel wat napraten met een kop thee als je dat wilt.

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8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Circling – Bringing mindfulness to your connections

With Circling you get to experience your connection with the people around you consciously. So instead of just knowing your relation to someone through your history, common hobbies or similar commitments you will explore the potential you carry in your connection. Through Circling you will be invited to bring your curiosity and empathy to gain a better understanding of how another experiences their world while breaking through the assumptions and projections we have about each other.

Different than meditating by yourself, Circling is a relational practice where you get to know yourself and others on a deeper level. My hope is that you bring these practices home with you so you get to experience your intimate connections really as they are and drop any images or illusions you might have about someone.

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