WERF5 is our cozy coworking space right in the centre of Utrecht. This medieval wharf-cellar has had many different uses in history. It has been a printing press for a communist magazine, a music recording studio, and even a beer-brewery. For the last 4+ years it has been the clubhouse of the WERF5 community. A group of freelancers, webdevelopers, creatives, programmers, digital nomads, artists, translators, meditation & Yoga-teachers and more.

The WERF5 community is dynamic and open. Some of us have been here for years. Others come in for only a few days of focussed work because their neighbour is driving them crazy. Some of us have moved away but are still in the whatsapp-group and like to give their advice if someone asks for it :-)

Want to know more about our goals and values? Read more.

Want to try a day of coworking? Send us an email and we'll make an appointment for a viewing / try-out day.

Are you interested in using the space for a meetup, workshop, or any other activity? Read more about our event space.

A day of coworking

info@werf5.nl030 3690 705
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